Prince. A year Inspired

I am a year on 21st of April into my discovery of the Artist Prince Rogers Nelson…

What a year , what music, what expression…..

I can only express this year through poetry attempt to say what this discovery has done for me and what it means…




It meant a lot to have you come

when all confusion had taken hold,

No one there to see me through

No one knew how to dry my tears

or dust my heart with fairy dust.

She had gone .as she should be and I could not compute the new reality


You came to me in your passing, never noticed you before.

So funny, so sincere, so vulnerable, so honest, so raw

You reached inside with your soulful crys and I could move again.

It had crumbled and withered with so much pain and struggle but with your voice beside me I saw flowers grow again.

I listened , I mended, I listened  , I felt. I listened .I bent

Creative channel, wordsmith, purple pixie, storyteller ,lover of love, sexy mf, no safety catch, no apology,  i sense anxiety, I sense trouble unresolved.

The time, the discipline, the courage, the yearning, the desire, the muse to stoke the fire, the sacrifice.

Sitting at the piano ,black and white the keys, fingers like wind and breeze,

Water surging, dripping ,spilling, liquid motion soaring, begging, booming, strutting ,pouting, flirting ,praying, brooding, playing, preaching, reaching sound….







Discovering Prince

I am having a conversion , it seems like a powerful thing to see the word Genius keep coming up in the press associated with the death of Prince .

I have recently become a person with some time on her hands after years of juggling self employment, caring for elderly mum and bringing up my lovely daughter. Music is my new drug of choice . It always was when in my teens and twenties I followed new wave, punk, ska, reggae, motown ….yes I’ve always had eclectic taste…but never really heard much Prince . Infact I worked with a woman I found a terrible bore so when we were  asked by a colleague Prince or Micheal Jackson and she said Prince , I immediately said MJ and in a typical judgemental way of a twenty something disregarded Prince on her recommendation.

So I am now realising how much I have missed …..

The breadth and depth , the complexity and the confusion , the deeply human look at earthly pleasures and the struggle to transcend them, the control and the confidence, the giving of even his body objectified for pleasure like no other man I have ever seen as it was done with vulnerability, gentleness and extreme sassiness with a massive flirty note.

I have watched a great deal of footage on You Tube , something I am now aware he may not approve of yet I feel sure he would be glad to share his talent with anyone as his generosity   in giving us his music was vast .

I am just getting started on my journey into the purple world and its been a thrilling ride already .. Early work in stockings and thongs , stripping in “Do me baby”, its extraordinary in that it feels intimate and feminine not any imposition of his manliness but playful and gentle. The bravery of doing so as a young black guy in the late 70,s it is extraordinary..

His motivations interest me …yet no one will ever really understand that fully with his complex childhood and lack of base as a young boy . It is so much to his credit that maybe the difficulty that drove him led to such extraordinary positive use of that drive . What a fabulous and I’m sure flawed human being , so sad he’s not here with us but great that his music continues to influence.